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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back In PT

Here we go again! I am officially back in physical therapy. I
think this is my sixth round of PT in all. I get the impression
that PT will be a life long requirement for me.

I find this cycle to be ridiculous. I blame our medical system
for this. It would be a lot easier and maybe even cheaper in the
long run if I could just stay in PT all the time to maintain good
physical health. But insurance won't let me. I can only go to
PT when I have a problem. They decide on a goal. once that goal
is met, I am discharged.

I'm left on my own to manage a body that is plagued by
neuropathy. It never works out. In the end, my muscles tighten
back up and I lose strength and flexibility. Once I'm in poor
enough shape, I can get a new referral and head back to PT. We
basically start over again.

It's been over a year since I last had PT. I was doing okay for
awhile. I try to remember to do my stretches and exercises. I
know it's important. But then I get too caught up in my daily
life. I guess it's human nature. We know what we are supposed
to do. That doesn't mean we actually do it.

Now my calves and ankles are tight again. My toes are curling.
I've lost range of movement in my feet. My braces need adjusted
or maybe replaced. I need new toe splints. I lost mine months
ago. I also want to get a new style of fore-arm crutch. I'm
looking for something lighter and more ergonomic.

So I'm back in PT. I know how it will go. The dreaded exercise
bike. Many killer machines. Stretches that make me want to
scream. And walking aimlessly around the hospital corridors.

It's not all bad. My physical therapist is my friend Andrea.
She's the one who pushed me to come back to PT because she's been
bored at work. I asked her, "Why am I doing this again?"

She said, "So you can drink and not fall down."

Okay, I only had one Margarita that night. I fell in the
bathroom because the wall wasn't where I thought it should be.
That wasn't my fault. Besides, I blame the physical therapist,
Andrea herself, who thought it would be a good idea to take me
out drinking in the first place. I will never live down that
fall in the restaurant bathroom.

The head therapist didn't think it was a good idea to put down
drinking and walking as my goal. She didn't think Medicare would
go for it. Oh well. So we will work on strength, flexibility,
balance and all that other fun stuff. I'll get to do pool
therapy, too. I like that part.

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