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Monday, May 17, 2010

Puppy Power

Today is Monday. That gave me another opportunity to test my new
alarm clock. My first two attempts failed. On Thursday the
clock went off too early because one of the levers was slightly
forward, instead of in neutral position. That's a common problem
with this type of clock.

On Friday, the time was wrong because a storm knocked the power
out for an hour. So the alarm didn't go off when I needed to get
up. My father had to send in the puppy to wake me.

I thought this morning would be the day it would work. I've
used this type of clock before. It shouldn't be a problem to
get it set right.

I was sound asleep, deep in a very weird dream. Suddenly, I
woke up to find a furry and excited body on top of me. Attack of
the puppy!

I was so disappointed that the alarm failed to go off again. I
checked to see what went wrong. After a few minutes of
confusion, I put the clues together. It was still 30 minutes
before I was supposed to be up. My bedroom light was off. The
door was only slightly open, as if a little body had pushed it's
way in.

And that's exactly what happened. It seems puppy snaked away
from his master this morning and decided to get me up early. Oh,
the little booger!

Ironically, the reason I wanted the alarm clock in the first
place was to stop being awakened each morning by puppy power.. Oh
well. So tomorrow I will try again. Maybe the fourth time will
do the trick.

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