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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer Fun?

School is over. Even if it isn't truly summer yet, summer break
has begun for me. Yay!

People keep asking the same questions. "What are your plans for
summer break?" "Are you doing anything fun this summer?"

Fun? I have plans but I wouldn't use the word "fun."

I'll be spending my summer on the operating table. Those crazy
mad doctors will be cutting me open!

Okay, so I exaggerate. It's only two surgeries. In my opinion,
that's two too many.

On June 25th, I'm having surgery on my right elbow. The doctor
says he will "scrape the tendon." Whatever that means. It
doesn't sound so dandy to me.

We've tried everything else to stop the tendonitis in this arm.
OT. Steroids patches. Ice and heat. Electric stimulation.
Ultrasound treatments. Cortisone shots. Exercise and splints.
Nothing helps.

I've gotten to the point where I almost want to have surgery.
Anything to make this constant pain go away. I need my arm too
much to be limited by something like this. So hopefully the
surgery will work.

I'm also having surgery to get a second cochlear implant...
Finally! It's been a long and rough battle to get to this point.
The clinic kept ordering new tests and then making me wait three
or four months in between each appointment. It was very
frustrating. I wanted to have this surgery last winter but they
dragged it out so long.

A few weeks ago I had the internal parts of my 20 year old
cochlear implant tested. Amazingly enough, all electrodes are
still working. Wow! So they will leave that implant alone and
focus on my other ear.

I've been officially accepted as a CI candidate. We've filled
out all the paperwork. I picked my preferences and accessories.
I just got my Meningitis vaccine. now I'm waiting for Medicare
approval. That is not supposed to be a problem but it's
Medicare.... I'm not counting on them being cooperative.

The surgery isn't actually scheduled yet. I'm keeping my fingers
crossed that all will go well. I've wanted this for so long and
now it might really happen. I'm very excited.

So that's it. My wonderful summer plans. It's not as fun as
going to the beach or taking a cruise. Oh well. I try to look
on the bright side. Maybe I'll get lot's of cool get well gifts.

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