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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Ode to Bandaids

Because of my arm surgery, I am not allowed to take a bath right
now. I can get the arm wet but I'm not allowed to soak it. My
friend got me a shower chair from the rehab center to use for a
few weeks. I don't particular love the shower chair but it's
working out well enough.

The hardest part of using this shower chair involves shaving the
lower part of my legs. I'm not comfortable leaning bending over
that far. I feel like I will tumble out of the chair. But when
I hold my leg up in front of me, it's very unsteady. It's hard
to shave something that is bouncing around all over the place.

I have been using the leg lifting method. It was an accident
waiting to happen. I finally got myself in the ankle. It's
pretty bad for a razor cut.

It took three bandaids to cover the cut. The main problem is
that I can't aim well when I'm putting on a bandaid. The cut
was still bleeding and I couldn't figure out where the actual
wound was. I put on one bandaid. If the cut is still partially
uncovered, then I put on another. Keep doing that until the
whole thing is covered.

It's so much work and I know an easier way. I had my mother buy
me a box of large bandaids. You can get them pretty big these
days. They are so much easier to get in place. Maybe I didn't
center the bandaid right or it was a little crooked. Doesn't
matter. The wound still gets covered.

Yes, it might be over-kill to have such a big bandage on a small
cut. But if it works, so what? It's a coping solution. It's a
strategy that allows me to deal with my boo-boo's on my own.

There's another thing I wanted to say about bandaids. This is
interesting. Next time you are in the store, look on the shelf
until you find Bandaid brand bandages. You will notice that
there is braille on the box. It says "bandaids."

This is the only product I have ever seen that comes with braille
on the package. I love it. It makes life just a little bit
easier for me. We always buy Bandaid brand and I hope you will

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