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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Arm Update

It appears that my arm is healing well. I had an OT session
yesterday. My therapist was pleased with how everything is

I can do most daily living tasks with that arm - such as
eating, dressing and typing. I can't squeeze, grasp or lift
yet. I'm not able to straighten the arm and it hurts when I try
to bend my elbow. But she said these problems are normal. I
will get better as time goes by.

I'm supposed to do more exercises at home and during OT. We will
work on bending and straightening the arm. She wants me to push
myself a little but not to the point of real pain.

During activities, I need to wear an elbow brace along with a
wrist splint. I feel silly with all this stuff on my arm. I've
only got one limb left that is free of braces. Oh well. I'll do
whatever I need to do to get better.

As I type this blog entry, I am not wearing the elbow brace.
Why? Because a certain little puppy decided he needed to examine
it with his teeth. My mother actually caught him the first time
and rescued the brace. She missed the second time. Let's just
say I'm going to need a new one. Thank you for that, Mr. Puppy.

We are doing something new in OT that I really don't like at all.
This involves touching and massaging the incision scar. She also
runs towels and items with different textures over it. This is
to help de-sensitize the incision site and break down scar

I can't stand it. It hurts and it's uncomfortable and I get so
tense that my stomach aches. I was panting by the time she
stopped. I'm supposed to do this twice a day at home. I don't
know if I can manage it, though.

We will continue with this plan for a few more weeks while my arm
heal. My next session is tomorrow. I have back-to-back PT and
OT appointments. What fun! But at least my arm is healing and
all looks well so far.

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