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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Arm Update

I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon yesterday. I
was examined by both the doc and a therapist in their OT
department. It was my one month follow-up after surgery.

All looks well. They were really quite pleased. The doctor says
my elbow is healing ahead of schedule. The scar is flat and
loose. He said not to worry about the odd crunchy sensation.

I am being moved along in therapy to the pantry program. That's
where you start lifting and squeezing things in order to build
strength and work on grip. They call it this because you lift
cans and things that are often found in a kitchen pantry.

I also got another brace - as if I needed more crap to wear on my
body. Sheesh. This is called an "elbow bra." No, seriously.
That's what they call it.

It's made of thin but tight material and has padding in the
middle. The padding forms a sort of cup and really does look
like half a bra. Weird.

The padding helps protect the elbow from bumps. The tight
material offers some compression on the tendons and muscles. It
also helps flatten out the scar.

I like the padding. I don't like the compression on the scar. I
can wear either this brace or the elbow band. I still have to
wear a wrist splint, too.

I'm glad to know that the pain I still have around the scar area
is normal for this stage. I was horrified, however, when the
doctor told me I can't do weight bearing or use my crutch or cane
for another two months. TWO MONTHS??

I was nearly panicking right there in the office. I NEED to be
able to use this arm to help me with mobility. What am I going
to do in one month when I go back to school? I won't be able to
go to class independently.

I'm really upset about this. I had no idea the recovery period
would take so long. I will figure out something. Partly because
I always do and partly because I have no choice.

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