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Thursday, September 2, 2010

CI Update

I had my second CI mapping yesterday. It was interesting because
the audiologist had me keep my other processor turned on. She
wants them working together as one system so she will map them

We were, in fact, able to boost up all sounds. This is a good
sign that the nerve will accept more sound as it gets used to
this new stimulation.

We went over four electrodes at a time. I work on listening to
tones and then she'd turn on my program. She tested my
response each time by talking, making loud noises and playing
tones from testing equipment. In this way, we found exactly
where the problems were located and could adjust them right away.
I had some slight dizziness reactions to some sounds. It was no
where near as bad as before. No facial tics at all. It looks
like I am making good progress.

I can now hear people when they answer "yes" or "no" to simple
questions. I can hear the dog bark. At the county fair, I heard
the rumble of big engines during the tractor pull. On main
street, I heard traffic zooming by and the distinctive sound of
a campus bug coming to a stop.

More noise is turning to identifiable sound. I love just
sitting and listening... trying to pick up something new. I
always feel so rewarded when I do.

My next appointment is in two weeks. This can only get better
and better.

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