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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Not a Pimple!

I'm experiencing a tiny little set back with my new CI.
Whatever you do, don't call it a pimple. I'm warning you!

When my mother first saw the squishy little bump at the lowest
part of my CI incision, she said it looked like a pimple. "It's
not a pimple!," I protested.

Later, she decided it must be a blister. That actually made some
sense because the ear hook on the processor is too loose. This
makes the whole thing slide around on my ear. I didn't want to
worry about getting a tighter fit until the incision is less

I asked my physical therapist to look at the incision. She's not
a doctor but she has experience with wound and incision care. I
told her that if she called it a pimple, I'd punch her.
(REmember she's my friend so it's okay._

It's not a pimple. More good news is that there is no hint of
infection of any sort. That is a big relief in these days of
nasty germs and staph infections.

She did some poking and prodding and peeled off the scab. She
can see something thin and white in there. It's probably part of
a stitch that didn't dissolve. Now it's working it's way out
through healed skin. Ewww.....

I am hoping the intruder will find it's own way out. The idea
of cutting or pulling makes me a bit nauseous.

Such a tiny little thing is cause a great deal of pain. The area
is very sore. Right now, I can't wear my new speech processor.
That is sad news, indeed.

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