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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Music to my Finger Tips

In our local school district, students begin playing band
instruments in 5th grade. JD is only in 4th grade. However, his
best friend is one year older and has just started playing the
saxophone. Naturally, JD wants to play saxophone, too.

I play sax in school, all the way through my first few years of
college. I wasn't particular good. But I did love to play that

JD has been chatting on and on about wanting to play sax. I
happen to have my old saxophone in my bedroom closet. I didn't
plan to take it out for him. It was more of a matter of doing it
to make him stop begging. He's the one who had to dig it out.

So this morning I unexpectedly found myself sitting on my bed
while giving my son a music lesson. We were still in our
pajamas. The bed was unmade and I just wanted to go back to
sleep. Instead, I put together that old sax and started to

It seemed like music to my ears. I could hear different notes
and the change in pitch. I could tell how long a note was held
and noticed the moments of silence in between. I knew the
difference between high and low notes. I even survived the
sounds of JD's first time honking.

My mother came into the room to praise JD's musical talent.
She asked if the loud sounds bothered my new CI. That's when
I realized I wasn't wearing either Ci processor. I was still in
my pajamas so I hadn't yet "put in my ears."

Without my Ci processors, I am totally deaf. We are talking 100%
stone deaf. How could I possibly hear the music?

Since my old neck strap was missing, we were resting the
saxophone on my bed. I held onto the bell to help keep the sax
steady while JD played. I let go of the sax, but I could still
hear the notes.

Finally, I told JD to take the saxophone off the bed. He did so.
I told him to play. Nothing happened. Absolute silence.

I asked him why he stopped playing. He said, "Mom, I was making
lots of loud sounds. Couldn't you hear?"

No, I couldn't. Apparently I hadn't heard any of it. I was
feeling the vibration of the music. There was never any sound.
Just the feel of it all.

Touching music... what a new experience. That's music to my
finger tips.

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