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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why I Hate Being Disabled

Yesterday, my family went out to lunch and then shopping. My son
recently hit a growth spurt. It was either take him shopping
or send him to school naked. So out we went to Wendy's and

The combination made the problem inevitable. Lunch then
shopping. Drinking pop and then riding around a store in a
wheelchair. Yes, folks, I had to pee bad.

We were in the dressing room while JD tried on his 39th pair of
jeans. I had to go. I told my mother and she said, "Hold it
until we are done here."

That is why I hate being disabled. I'm sitting there with a
pounding, pulsing bladder. I thought I would wet my pants. I
had to deal with the humiliation and demoralizing feeling of
asking to go to the bathroom. As if I'm a little kid.....

Just like with a child, the busy grown up says "no, you have to

So I squirmed in my seat and suffered. At that moment, I died a
little. Not my body but my self respect.

Finally I had to say, "Mom, I can't wait any longer."

"Okay......," she said. I could just about hear the sigh of
frustration on her voice.

She pushed the wheelchair to the bathroom. There was a lot of
banging and bumping as she tried to get the wheelchair into the
stall. I felt embarrassed and guilty. For what? All I had to
do was pee. But when you can't go on your own, it's never quite
so easy. God, I really hate being disabled.

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