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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holey Day

Today was a "holey" day for me - literally. I had my first
acupuncture session. It certainly was an unusual experience.

This acupuncture office is part of a pain management clinic.
There is an actual doctor but I am working with a man who has an
MS degree and other training. I'll call him Pokeman.

I had to lie down on my stomach with my face buried in a pillow.
Pokeman felt all around my legs, neck, back arms and shoulders.
Every time he found a tight spot, he inserted a needle. I
tried to keep track. I lost count around 20. I'd say I got
jabbed about 50 times in all.

He also had me turn over on my back for more needles in my
stomach, elbows and neck. I guess I must have had a ton of tight

It felt like what you'd expect - needles being poked through your
skin. People have told me that acupuncture doesn't hurt. Not
true. It did hurt. It wasn't screaming, horrible, nasty pain.
It was mostly prickling pain that subsided quickly. But it did

Sometimes Pokeman would insert needles in areas that are already
really sore. That hurt the most. I didn't like needles being
put around my spine or in my neck. The one in my arm pit was the
most agonizing.

I didn't know what to expect from acupuncture and Pokeman didn't
tell me what was going on. I didn't realize that they leave the
needles in for 20 minutes or so. At one point Pokeman covered me
with what looked like a giant piece of foil. This was supposed
to be some sort of blanket. I felt a crackling sensation over my
body but didn't know what it was. Later my interpreter said I
looked like left over food that was set out on a table. ha ha

Today happened to be election day so my son didn't have school.
Mr. Pressure Point Obsessed Child got to come in and watch part
of the acupuncture. You'd think it was scare a child to see his
mother being jabbed with needles. Not my JD. He thought it was
very cool.

When the procedure was finished, I felt woozy and a bit high. I
know the acupuncture is supposed to stimulate the body to produce
certain chemicals. I guess it worked.

Acupuncture isn't a miracle cure and it doesn't make things
better all at once. I can't say that I feel a whole lot
different. My arms still ache like crazy. It will take more
time and many sessions. Pokeman said that we will try once a
week for about six weeks. If it helps, I may need hundreds of
treatments to get fully better. I don't exactly want to go
through this hundreds of times. But if it works.... Okay.

So welcome to November. I hope you went out to vote today.
Happy Holey Day!

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