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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Magnetic Personality

People always tell me that I have a magnetic personality. It's
not because I'm charming. It's actually a joke referring to my
two cochlear implants. The coil part that transmit sound to the
brain includes a magnet that sticks to the outside of my head.
There's also a magnet inside my head. The two magnets stick to
each other.

It creates some funny situations. If I am standing too close to
some kind of metal object, the magnet will jump off my head and
attach itself to something else. It's pretty strange having your
"ear" fly off without warning.

Yesterday my son came home from school with a tiny magnet. It's
about the size of a marble but square instead of round. Someone
gave it to him. I have no idea what the magnet is supposed to be
for. Now it's just one of JD's treasures. I think it's a boy
thing. He's always collecting little tidbits of this and that.

I was being silly and stuck the square magnet to my CI magnet.
So it looked like the square was attached to my head. As
intended, this made JD laugh. He was goofing around with the
magnet and my Ci coil. Then the little square fell off my head
and disappeared below the cushion of my chair. Uh oh.

JD and my parents looked for the magnet. They moved the chair.
They turned it upside down. They couldn't find it anywhere. The
puppy was lurking about and we were afraid he might have
swallowed it. It looked like we would have to take him to the
vet for an x-ray.

I started feeling around the chair. My mother stopped me to say
that she already looked and it wasn't there. Still, I felt
compelled to try.

I don't search with my eyes. I use my brain and hands. I swear
it's far more effective that way. It's an old chair with a metal
frame. The missing item was a magnet. Put the two together
and what do you get? I suspected the magnet got stuck to the
frame of the chair.

I put my hand under the cuisine and felt around the metal.
Within thirty seconds I found the magnet. Sure enough, it had
stuck to the frame and that is why it didn't fall through the

JD put the magnet in his pocket. Not long after that, he lost it
again. This time I found it under the sofa cuisine.

I am the family member who is blind. Everyone acts like I can't
keep track of things. If something falls, I'm supposed to ask
for help. Ironically, I'm the one who found the little magnet
twice. Maybe it was just attracted to my magnetic personality.
Or maybe I'm good at finding things because I use my brain
instead of my eyes. Vision can be such a distraction sometimes.
Now I just hope JD doesn't lose the darn thing again.

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