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Friday, December 17, 2010

My Little Helper

I love my son more than anything. He is the sun and the moon and
the stars... everything bright and wonderful that lightens up my
life. He is the whole world to me and always will be. This love
is unconditional and never wavering.

He has such a strong need to help me. I imagine that in his
mind, there is a bit of role reversal going on here. He's so
loving and protective of me. He wants to protect and take care
of me. He is always quick to offer a helping hand when I need
one... and sometimes when I don't.

It's story time. Last week I goot an electric mattress pad for
my birthday. I've always used electric blankets. My mother
couldn't find any blankets and the store clerk told her that
these pads are much better. So this was a new type of "toy" for

I was just starting to change my bed and get the mattress pad
set up when JD passed by my room and noticed what I was doing.
He came in to help and pretty much took over the whole
project. I didn't need this help but I let him do it. It's
important to him. Helping me makes JD feel good about himself.

The whole process got too confusing, however. JD couldn't
figure out the instructions. He wouldn't listen to me when I
tried to suggest the right way Worst of all, the puppy was
trying to "help," too. It was utter chaos. How do you make a
bed with a 50 pound puppy lying on it?

I was trying to plug in the new mattress pad but there wasn't
enough room on the power strip. JD grabbed it from me. A second
later he said, "It's on. How high do you want it?"

New story. I was talking to a friend using text messages this
morning when my cell phone died. Frustrated, I tried
everything but couldn't get it to work. I kept getting a message
that said, "DBC companion not available." Crummy!

My mother asked, "Does the battery need charged."

I told her, "No. It's been plugged in for weeks."

Now, how are these two stories related? It took my most of the
day to figure it out. In order to plug in my mattress pad, JD
unplugged my cell phone charger." Little booger!

It's all fixed now. I can be warm in bed and do text messages at
the same time.

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