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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Have you ever heard of Christmas with a capital C? It refers to
the religious part of this special holiday. We are celebrating
the birth of Jesus Christ. It is supposed to be a holy day... a
time for peace and love. I think most people forget about that.

Have you ever heard of Christmas with a capital S? Probably not
because I just made it up. It's called Stressmas. It's a
holiday about all the things you have to do with time running
out. Shop, bake, decorate the tree. Attend parties as social
obligations. Count your money as it dwindles away and wonder how
you will ever afford the rest of the gifts you are supposed to

And shop, shop, shop! Macy's, JC Penney's, Amazon, Toys R Us,
Target, WalMart. That's the spirit of the season. Forget all
about that Jesus guy.

My mother is running around like a reindeer with it's head cut
off. She's freaking out about Christmas. My son is begging for
all sorts of electronics that I can't possibly afford. He adds
to his Christmas list everyday. My father hides in his cave
(office) in the basement. He's either yelling at someone or
sending me nasty emails about everything that's going wrong in
this house.

I sit here in my chair while all the drama goes on around me. I
wonder what happened to the peace and love? Well, bah humbug and
a Merry Stressmas to you, too.

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