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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Now I'm Frustrated

Another week. Another doctor. Another diagnosis.

Today I had a follow-up appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.
We have officially declared my elbow surgery a success... Kind

It did help the tennis elbow. I no longer have pain in that
tendon. I just happened to hurt everywhere else. Too bad.

The doctor was looking at my other elbow pain. He says it isn't
golfer's elbow. It's the nerve. That's why the pain and
"buzzing" travel down to my hands.

According to this doctor, everything I've been doing is wrong.
All the treatments for muscles and tendons just make the nerve
problem worse. He's contradicting what the other doctors are

I just got a tens unit. It sends electric pulses through the
sore area to try to "trick" the brain into thinking it's not
feeling pain. Last week the one doctor said that this device is
for my elbows only. He doesn't want me to use it on my back or

This doctor today says the tens unit is only for my back and
shoulders. I should never use it on the elbows because it will
make the pain worse.

The local occupational therapist has me using compression sleeves
and an elbow brace. The surgeon doesn't want me using anything
that compresses the nerve. Who to believe?

He gave me these big, bulky elbow pads that are supposed to help
keep pressure off the nerve. They look pretty dorky but I'm
willing to try. Other than that, he doesn't want me doing
anything. It will just take time and rest. Nerve problems are
so hard to heal.

So here I am feeling very frustrated. All these doctors are
saying different things. They give me different stuff to help
fix the problem and tell me not to use what the other doctor
prescribed. My mind is spinning with all the contradicting
advice. And my pain continues. That's the one thing that never

What to do? What to do? I really don't know anymore.

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