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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where is the Interpreter?

I had an appointment today. I arrived at the office and sat down
in the waiting room. It was freezing in there because people
kept coming in and out. I waited and waited and wait.

They were ready for me but I couldn't go in. The interpreter
hadn't yet arrived. So I waited and waited and waited.

They called the interpreting agency. It seems the interpreter
they assigned forgot to put me on her personal schedule.

What to do? It was a personal appointment. I did not want to
use my mother as an interpreter. I had no choice. I had to
reschedule the appointment.

The sad part is that this happens all too often to people who are
deaf or deaf-blind. It's unacceptable. I send out a plea to all
interpreters. You must do better than this.

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