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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Babbling About Nothing Much - Three Stories

Massage Therapy

I had my third visit with the massage therapist today. It's
going well. I really like it. I don't know if it's helping, but
I will keep going for now.

This is trigger point massage so it's different than what you are
probably imaging. The guy uses a light touch on certain trigger
points as he gently pushes or pulls at various muscle. He's
mostly working on my neck and shoulders right now. It's rather
weird and interesting. Today was a morning appointment and I
nearly fell asleep.

I don't have to strip for this massage. He tells me to take off
my sweater and shoes. As long as the rest of my clothes are
loose and flexible, it is fine to stay dressed.

I had randomly grabbed a blue t-shirt to wear under my sweater.
It wasn't until later that I noticed which t-shirt I was wearing.
It has both print and braille and says, "Don't Touch My Dots!"

Mr. Massage didn't obey. He touched my dots! Somehow I find
that rather funny.

New Shoes

After my appointment, we went out to get me new shoes. It's
hard for me to find shoes that work with my braces. Since I have
no feeling in my feet, I can't tell if there is a problem until
long after I've developed massive, pussy blisters. For this
reason, we go to a special shoe store in Akron that specializes
in "feet that are hard to fit."

I used to get new shoes every six months. Black in the Fall and
white in the Spring. Life has been so crazy that we never have
the time anymore. It's been two years since I bought new shoes.
Let's just say the old ones have had it. There's no tread left
on either pair so I am sliding and slipping around all over the
place. Not a good thing at all.

I wear New Balance shoes. They cost me a fortune but it's worth
it. I just get the same style shoe each time. They didn't have
what I wanted in black so I had to try something slightly

I put on the shoes. "Do they feel okay?" my mom asked.

I told her the same thing I always tell her when she asks that
question. "I can't feel my feet so how would I know?"

The sales lady took the time to really look over the fit of the
shoe. She thought it would work so I decided to buy them. I
agreed with her suggestion to wear the black shoes home. Her
next question took me a little off guard. "Do you want me to
just throw out your old shoes?"

I asked my mom, "Are they really that bad?"

She said, "Oh yes. They look very tired."

Okay, so I let her throw away my old shoes. Now I have new black
and new white shoes. I should be all set for awhile.

The sales lady did something that was strange. She took my hand
and kissed it. Then she gave me a hug and kissed my cheek. This
woman was a complete stranger, too. I guess she was just one of
those people who is so amazed to see a deaf-blind person... like
I'm something special just because I leave my house to go buy
shoes. I run into this kind of reaction fairly often. I've
never had anyone kiss me, though.

It's great having new shoes. After lunch I pushed back with my
legs to move the chair away from the table. Usually my shoes
just slip and the chair goes nowhere. This time the chair
actually flying half-way across the room.

Two Dogs

I've talked about the puppy often on this blog. I don't think
I've ever mentioned our other dog. Here, let me introduce you to

The puppy is named Gryffindor. We call him Gryffin. He is a
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. It's a rare breed. At 15
months old, he's not exactly a puppy anymore. He's more like a
teenager. He's mischievous and defiant and Oh, so adorably

The other dog is my sweet little baby. Her name is Starr. She
is a bichon/beagle mix. She is mostly white with scruffy fur.
Her long ears are brown and she has a huge brown spot on one
side of her body. She is now 13 years old. I fell for Starr
when she was only an hour old. It was puppy love at first sight.
She's been with me ever since.

Starr is getting old. She mostly likes to sleep, eat and poop.
Sometimes she likes to eat poop. Let's not talk about that one.

Today I caught Starr when she was sleeping in her bed. Her fur
is starting to get ragged so I wanted to brush her. Starr just
wanted to sleep. Gryffin just wanted all the attention. He
barked and stamped his feet. Finally, he flopped down and
rolled over onto his back, his famous "You can't resist me" pose.

I managed to brush Starr's face, ears and back. I had to stop
and give Mr. Jealousy a few swipes here and there to keep him
quiet. I needed Starr to stand up so I could do her legs and
tail. I used both my hands to pull her up. "Stand Starr.
Stand. Stand!"

It was no use. She just flumped back down and tucked in her
tail. Gryffin was having a major fit. He followed my command
and was standing. He wanted acknowledgement. He couldn't take
it anymore. He head-butted his way in between us. I lost my
grip on her. She dashed behind the couch and made a clean
get-away. I found her hiding under my mother's feet in the
kitchen. So much for brushing her today.

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