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Sunday, February 13, 2011

China City in Kent, Ohio discriminates

It was Saturday night and I was hungry for Chinese food. I have
been looking for a Chinese restaurant in Kent that delivers. A
Google search brought up China City. Unfortunately, due to
accessibility issues, I was unable to view their website. I
tried some different word combinations for my search. Finally it
gave me a phone number on the results page.

I called China City. A woman answered. She did not give a name.
She said, "I'm busy. Call me tomorrow." She hung up the phone
before I even had a chance to talk.

I called again. This time she said, "You just called here." She
hung up.

The third time I called, she didn't say anything. She just hung

Defeated and angry, I had to settle for Froot Loops for my

Now it's Sunday afternoon. I called China City once more. The
same woman answered. She said, "I'm busy. Call later." Once
again, she hung up.

Not only is this rude, it's blunt discrimination. I may be deaf
but I can still eat. My money is as good as anyone else's.
Plus, I tip really well. I suppose it's their loss but the
situation makes me so furious. It is totally unfair.

I will keep calling back. It's not about the food anymore. I
need to teach China City about ADA and the relay service. I will
annoy the hell out of this woman until she finally takes my
call. If I'm lucky, maybe I can get someone else on the line.

One blog may not make a huge difference. But I want everyone to
know that China City in Kent, Ohio is guilty of discrimination.

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