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Sunday, February 13, 2011

China City Update

The story continues... I called and called and called. I can be
quite stubborn at times. I won't give up when people are
screwing around with me and my son. It was JD who wanted
Chinese food so badly. I would find a way to get it for him.

So I kept on calling China City. Finally a man answered the
phone. He was nervous and unsure of himself. The relay operator
said he spoke in a flat tone. He kept saying "ummm..." and

But he took the call and that's what matters. I told him about
the woman who kept hanging up on me. He laughed and said, "We
don't get you guys here much."

Okay, so "you guys" is kind of insulting. I let it go.

The food arrived FAST - 15 minutes. The sweet and sour chicken
was really good. Just the way we like it. The fried rice was
too salty. The portions were huge, of course. We have tons of

In all, I wasn't too impressed with China City. Unfortunately
it's the only Chinese place that delivers. If I want Chinese
food and no one is around to get it for me, China City is the
only option. Dang.

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