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Monday, February 14, 2011

Aliens are Amoung Us

Aliens are Among Us

It was a Sunday afternoon, just before Valentines Day. The mall
was packed with shoppers. People bustled and hustled all about
as they tried to find last minute gifts for their loved ones.

Suddenly, a door opened and in they came. A little girl noticed
them first. "Look, Mommy! Look!," she exclaimed.

The stay-at-home mother turned and saw them, too. With a gasp,
she pulled her daughter closer and yanked her hand down. She
tried to mumbled something about not being rude, but the words
would not come out.

Aliens are among us.

The crowd parted as the group of strangers moved further into
the mall. The businessman was startled and accidently dropped
his bags. The lawyer was thoughtful, as he ponders different ways
to make money out of the situation.

"I saw one before, piped up the waitress. "It ordered hot
chocolate and a grilled cheese sandwich."

"Damn it!," cursed the mechanic, "I forgot my camera. The guys at
work won't ever believe it."

"They look weird, Mommy!," screeched the little girl."

"Shush!," hissed the stay-at-home mother, "They might hear you."

"I doubt it," whisper the businessman.

Aliens are among us.

The group continued to advance. One of them made strange
movements with it's hands. Another suddenly emitted what sounded
like a laugh.

A four year old boy began imitating the hand movements.

"Stop that!" ordered the stay-at-home mother. "They might see

"I doubt it," whispered the businessman.

Aliens are among us.

Still the group came closer.

"Are those stick things weapons?," asked the four year old boy.

"The one at the cafe had one, too," said the waitress. "It
banged that thing all around the place."

"Oh Lord!," shouted the mechanic, "Some of 'em are cripple, too!"

"Look at that one," said the waitress as she pointed her finger.
"It's in a wheelchair."

The lawyer was still thinking. "There has to be a law suit
involved in this," he finally said. "What if one of them falls?"

"I don't think they can sue," said the businessman. "Certainly
they can't communicate in court.

Aliens are among us.

The group was headed for the main department store.

"Why are they going in there?," asked the mechanic. "what the
Hell would they need to buy?"

"Do they even have money?," asked the businessman.

The waitress said, "The one at the cafe did. It paid in cash."

"Everyone has money," smirked the lawyer."

Aliens are among us.

The last few straggler in the group entered the store.

"Oh my God!," exclaimed the stay-at-home mother. "There's a
child with them! I don't think children should be exposed to
that kind of thing." As she said this, she pulled her two
children closer to her side.

"I know about that sort," said the businessman, "It was in a

"They made it into a move, too," the waitress said. "I saw it on

Aliens are among us.

The group was out of sight now. The mall shoppers began to drift
away. They would later tell their spouses friends, co-workers
and family about the astonishing thing they had witnessed in
the mall.

In the man store, along with family members and volunteers, the
local deaf-blind association enjoyed their shopping trip.

Angela C. Orlando
February 2011

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