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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Knowledge is Dangerous

Did you know that knowledge can be dangerous?

I've been struggling to find SSP's who can help me gain access
to knowledge. Anything goes - products, services, news stories
and events. I want to know about it all.

Last week my friend Amy offered to serve as an SSP for a few
hours. We went to Target and a few other stores. It was nice
because I was able to get Valentines and candy for my parents and

Amy was telling me about different types of candy. When she
mentioned flavored Hershey Kisses I knew all hopes of a diet were

No, I didn't know this candy existed. I was excited. I got
caramel. She got Raspberry. Once we were in the car, she
opened her bag and gave me a few to try.

Oh my God! Raspberry flavored white chocolate with a center of
milk chocolate. They call them Hugs and Kisses. I call them

I could not help myself. When my mother went grocery shopping
this week, I asked her to buy me a bag.

A friend recently asked me "What's new?"

Raspberry Kisses. That's what's new. Maybe I would have been
better off not knowing. Too late now.

There is hope for my waistline. The bag is almost empty. Now
how on Earth did that happen?

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