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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Double Update

The results of my EMG show no progression of neuropathy in my
arms. I do have mild Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands. It
is great to know that the neuropathy is not getting worse. But I
am still in great pain.

I convinced the pain doctor to see me again soon. I have an
appointment for tomorrow. I sure hope he begins more aggressive
pain management now.

The EMG on Friday was bad enough that I am still bruised. It's
hard to tell if the sudden increase of pain is from my nerves or
from the EMG. I swear I will never do that evil test again.

My friend Holly was supposed to have surgery on Friday. The
doctor was concerned about twitching all over her body. This is
not a symptom of the neck tumor. He decided to postpone the
surgery and do..... an EMG.

Apparently it was about as rough as mine. They gave her two
Valium but she still could not relax. How is anyone supposed to
stay calm when they are being systematically tortured?

I don't know if they found the cause of the twitching. She went
in for surgery this morning to remove the tumor. It will be a
challenging surgery because the tumor is hitting vital nerves. I
have not heard anything from her husband yet.

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