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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Scent Bug

I'm back in occupational therapy now. We are working on anything
and everything that hurts - elbows, shoulders and rotor cuffs.
They think my main problem is tension. My muscles are always so
tight. My new goal is to learn to relax.

The therapist suggested I use scent to help me focus on
relaxing. He said to use a candle, but I don't like working with flames. My mother looked at
Target for other options. She found this really cool product
that is called a Scent Bug.

I'm not really sure how to describe it. Maybe my son summed it
up best when he asked, "What's that weird egg thing?"

It is shaped sort of like an egg, with a rounded top. You can
set it on a table or desktop.

What you do is press a button at the base of the Scent Bug. It
starts to vibrate and lets out a scent - mine is lavender. You
can feel the Scent Bug as it vibrates and touch the decorations.
So it is very tactile.

When you are done with it, press the button and it will stop.
You can always tell if it's on or off because of the vibration.
I like that part.

It runs on battery. Periodically, you need to put more oil on
the pad inside the Scent Bug.

I am running my Scent Bug now as I type this. I focus on the
smell to help me try to keep my arms and shoulders relaxed. I
don't yet know if it's working. But I do love this scent.

It's a nifty product and very deaf-blind friendly. check it out
the next time you are at Target.

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