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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dirty Work

Cleaning -- It's a dirty bossiness, but someone has to do it.

When you are dealing with chronic pain, it's not always possible
to keep up with everything that needs to be done. Since no one
but me ever sees my bedroom, I left it alone to gather dust and

Now that I'm feeling better, I was anxious to do some deep
cleaning. Not happy, of course. I hate cleaning and always

Unfortunately, this wasn't a matter of just dust and sweep. I
was also looking for some very small missing items. That meant I
had to use my hands to touch every inch of the floor. I reached
under my dresser and desk to pull out gunk. I completely moved
my bed to check under there. I even ran my fingers through
every giant dust bunny to make sure they weren't hiding

The good news is that I found three of the six missing pegs that
go to my solitaire game. That means the puppy, who tried to play
without permission, only ate three of them. Since I already
bought a new set, it doesn't matter that much.

The bad news is that I didn't find the three missing earrings.
How odd that they are all heart shaped. I all didn't find the
three toe splints I lost two years ago. Maybe the earrings are
having a party with the splints.

This type of cleaning isn't easy. I have poor balance, so I do
most of the work on my knees. Those pitiful knees certainly get
battered. I'm sure they are bruised up. I did the sanitizer
test. I clean my knees with sanitizer. If it burns, I know I've
skinned or scratched them up. Guess what? They both burned
today. So, once again, I failed the test.

Now, you are thinking, "Silly girl, why don't you buy some
knee pads?" The sad answer is that I already have a pair. I
just don't think about them until the damage is done.

Another problem is that my quads will be screaming mad tomorrow.
They don't like the kneeling and crawling any better than my
knees do.

I use an electric sweeper to clean the floor. It used to work
well. This time it was dead when I turned it on. My dad fixed
it. I vacuumed half the room, and it died again. My dad fixed
it. I finished my room and started down the hall. It died
again. We'll have to figure this one out before the next

It's done! My room is all cleaned, organized and looking very
pretty. If I'm good, I'll work on it every week to keep it that
way. Ha! Don't count on it. I really do hate to clean.

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