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Saturday, August 13, 2011

After Midnight

After Midnight

by Angela C. Orlando

After midnight...
your house is still.
Haunting silence echoes through the hall.
You feel paranoid seclusion.
As if you are trapped in an ancient tomb.
You imagine being buried alive in a deep, lonely grave
You can't ignore the fear of the unknown.
What lurks beyond?
What monsters await?
After midnight.

After midnight...
Shadows loom so dark and dreary.
No hope lies here.
You are surrounded by suffocating emptiness.
You are gripped with breathless panic.
You search for a way out.
You won't ever find one.
You must succumb to the horrors.
Tears and screams won't help you now.
Let this darkest hour be your last.
But for people who are deaf-blind, every moment is after

Revised August, 2011

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