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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shopping Spree

In the old days before pain, I loved to go shopping. Actually, I
just wanted to go out -- out to eat, out for ice cream, out to
special events. I'd even go to the zoo with my family, just to
be with them. Mostly I'd sit in the sun reading a book on my
BRaille Note. That was good enough for me.

In the last year, I've become a couch potato. I won't go out to
eat. I never want to go shopping. Sometimes I even refused to
visit family on holidays. It was because the constant pain had
me so bogged down.

Now, I think I'm making my come-back. I've got that desire to
leave home again. I want to have fun and see my friends and be
with my family when they are doing special things. Hooray!

Today my mother and I went on a shopping spree at the mall. My
mother loves to shop... especially if she's using my money. She
likes finding things for me and JD.

We started at Christopher Banks. This is my favorite clothing
store. They have clothes that are stylish, slightly unique, but
still comfortable. Their stuff is a little pricey, but I think
it's worth it to some times get so nice clothes.

Fall styles were in, as I expected. I bought a rust colored
sweat that has three-quarter sleeves and a white insert. I got
a nice blue short sleeve top that is different but hard to
explain. Finally, I picked out a busy print short sleeve
shirt and a cool brown denim vest to wear together. Christopher
Banks never fails to please me.

At Penney's, I bought JD a red polo shirt to wear on picture
day. He won't be thrilled. He just wants to wear t-shirts all
the time. But I think he can suffer one day for a good school

I also got myself a pair of my favorite jeans in olive green. I
just keep getting the same style in different colors. I even
have shorts in this style.

Next, we went to one of my old favorites - Bath and Body Works.
Maybe it's a DB thing, but my nose really loves that place. I
was looking for specialty scents to help with relaxation. I
found two I liked. One is lavender-something that is supposed
to help you sleep well. The other is some weird plant scent
that is designed to relieve stress. I got each in shower gel
and lotion.

I wanted a Scent Bug for my bedroom, but they didn't have any. I
did get some cinnamon oil that I can put in the Scent But I
already have. I also got cinnamon air spray. This stuff is
strong. Just one spray is supposed to last four hours.

JD's room tends to get stuffy and stale, so I was looking for a
spray for him too. We found the perfect scent for him: S'mores.

We looked all around the mall trying to find a jewelry box that
will allow me to organized my earrings. We couldn't find
anything that worked right. Next week we will go to WalMart and
look at fishing tackle boxes.

The shopping was don, and we were getting ready to leave the
mall. I decided to treat myself. I got an Orange Julius drink.
It's been decades since I've had one of those. Mmmmm.....

There's something else that I want to mention. I don't know what
brought this up. I just decided I wanted to walk out to the car
by myself.

Usually, I use my forearm crutch and the rail to walk down the
three steps out front. My parents have to bring the car around
to the front of the house for me. There's no way I can get down
the hill to the driveway. Then they take my arm and lead me
down the side walk to where the car is. When we get home, they
have to guide me to the steps, unlock the door and then go back
out to park the car in the driveway. It just seems like too
much work.

So, without warning anyone about what I was going to do, I took
my crutch and white cane outside. Once I got down the stairs, I
used the scanning cane to follow the grass borders of the
sidewalk. When I got to the end, I stood on the little grass
edge and scanned out with the long cane. I could feel the car,
so I moved forward and got in with no help at all.

In the car, my mother said, "That was nice."

It was. But I know my mother. I accused her of standing behind
me the whole time.

She said, "No, I was right beside you." Typical, but at least I
did it on my own.

When we got back, I repeated my journey, and my mother followed
with the bags. I had my keys so I unlocked the door for her.
It made me feel useful for a change.

Jd was coming in from camp at the same time and saw me walk on my
own. He asked, "Why did you use your long cane?"

I told him, "Because I can."

He replied, "That's cool, mom." I so love it when he is proud
of me.

It was a fun day shopping. Now I have new clothes, new smelly
stuff and a new ability.

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  1. Hi, Angie!
    I wanted to give you a shout out and let you know that I follow your blog. Although we are complete strangers, I feel I know you! I have a couple of blogs myself and I know how much I enjoy hearing from random strangers who stumble across my blog and take the time to write. I am inspired by your zest for life and your positive attitude. Thank you for sharing your stories and struggles with us!