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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Dingo That Didn't Happen

It was the Dingo that didn't happen. My local Community
Services for the Deaf has a Deaf Dingo once a month. It has been
almost two years since I was last able to attend.

Now I'm feeling strong and healthy and want to win some money.
So I was excited about the Dingo tonight. I even wore my new
braille wrist band that says, "I'm Feeling Lucky."

I guess I wasn't so lucky, after all. There was a low turn-out
tonight so they canceled the game. I did get to sit around and
chat with people. It was a good opportunity to practice my sign

I have heard that there is a deaf-blind man who attends the Dingo
each month. Tonight I finally got to meet him. It took us
some time to figure out each other's communication needs. We
chatted for an hour, talking about this and that and everything
under the sun. It was great to be able to socialize with someone
else who is deaf-blind.

I haven't given up on my money lust, though. I'll be going to
another Dingo on Saturday. My family wants me to win enough
money to take them to Sunday Brunch. I'll give it my best try.

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