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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Big Win

Another day... Another Dingo. I wanted to win!

I got dressed up nice and cool, and even wore earrings. On my
left wrist, I wore my braille bracelet that says "I Fell Lucky."
On my right wrist, I wore the one that says, "Social Butterfly."

My big entrance was like some grand reunion. It was wonderful
to see all my interpreter friend and old classmates. again. I
also met and talked to several new people. It took forever to
to get the Dingo set up and ready to start. I didn't mind. I
spent the time chatting, chatting and chatting.

One of my interpreters brought her two year old son. He was so
adorable, funny and cute... It was a blast having him there and
playing with a little boy again. (My son certainly isn't so
little anymore.)

Finally, they were ready to start. We played five rounds of
Dingo. I had a piece of pizza, pretzels and a fire ball that
almost burned my head off. I silently cheered when I had the
right cards and growled when I didn't. The result? I didn't win
a single game.

They had tons of cool door prizes. But due to the confusion when
I arrived, I never paid to play and didn't get a ticket. I
couldn't win a prize, either.

So why am I bragging about my big win? The bracelet on my right
arm sums it up: Social Butterfly.... Friendship.... Hanging out
and having a good time. That was far more valuable than all the
money and prizes combined. I am lucky to have such good friends
and opportunities to go out and socialize.

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