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Thursday, October 13, 2011

i am an evil mother

I am such an evil and sneaky mother. I am so sinister, I fear
my body might burst into flames at any moment. Or perhaps I will
be struck by a lightening bolt. I deserve it.
My poor son has been dealing with weight issues. He's not on a
diet yet. We are trying to decrease junk while increasing
movement time. It isn't easy in October, when he's getting
treats everywhere and will go trick-or-treating twice. However,
we are making an effort. He can't eat junk food if it's not in
the house.
The problem is that October has me craving treats like crazy. I
want Halloween candy, decorated sugar cookies, pumpkin pie and
fall flavored goodies. I'm being strong. I won't bring that
kind of stuff into the house, because it is not good for my son.
Try telling that to my cravings.
JD left today for a weekend visit with his father. A friend
took me to the bank and asked if I had any other errands to run.
I began to drool, just thinking about the possibilities. The
little angel sitting on my right shoulder said, "This would be
wrong. If your son can't have it, neither can you." The guilt
was so heavy, I could barely move.
Then the little devil on my left shoulder said, "It will taste so
good. Besides, your son is away and will never know about it."
The devil won. We went to the Heavenly Cupcake store. I bought
four cupcakes for me and my parent: triple chocolate for my
father, pumpkin for my mother, triple vanilla for me and pumpkin,
also for me.
Isn't it ironic that they called the store "Heavenly Cupcakes"
when what you are actually eating is devil's food?
My mouth disagrees. It is pure heaven going down.

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