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Monday, November 28, 2011

black and white

Recently, I had an important meeting. I dressed up nice and
pretty, in hopes of making a good impression. I wrote a blue
blouse, matching earrings, navy slacks and black socks and

My father would be driving me to the meeting. I used my forearm
crutch and scanning cane to walk out to the car on my own. As I
slowly moved up the sidewalk, I felt my father brush past me, on
his way back inside the house. I assumed he forgot something.

I got in the car and waited for him. When he return, he handed
me a shoe. I could tell that it was one of my shoes, but I had
no idea why he brought it out to me. Since he can't sign, he
couldn't easily tell me, either.

He pointed at the shoe and then at my feet. We began playing 20

"It's one of my shoes." He signed yes.

"Is it a black shoe?" He signed yes.

"Amy I wearing one black shoe and one white shoe? He signed yes
with much enthusiasm.

Now what an impression that would have made with one black shoe
and one white shoe. Thanks to mu father, I was able to switch
shoes, and all was well again.


  1. So what's stopping your father from learning at least a basic set of signs?

  2. Haha you sure would have made an impression! Maybe even started a new fashion trend...