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Thursday, December 1, 2011

a christmas wish

A Christmas Wish

by Angela C. Orlando

On that silent and holy night
In a manger, far away
While angels sing
And shepherds weep
Baby Jesus sleeps in Heavenly Peace
The North Star burns bright
Lighting up this blessed scene
The world rejoices the nativity of this newborn king
On this silent and holy night
As shimmering snow flakes Flutter gently to the ground
Creating a winter wonderland
With house lights ablaze
In red, green and gold
And candles flicker in every window
I make a special wish
On this silent and holy night
The North Star encircles me
In a shining halo of love
As another sweet child
Sleeps, so tender and mild
I pray to our Lord in Heaven
For just one moment of sight
So I may set my eyes upon my beautiful son
On this silent and Holy night
If Jesus grants my wish
A miracle will occur
As my eyes become bright
And my vision clears
With joy in my heart
I look at my dear Joseph
Seeing him for the very first time
On this silent and holy night
I watch him in his slumber
I take in every feature
From the color of his hair
To the shape of his little toe
As his chest rises and falls with each breath
I thank our savior Jesus
For this most glorious Christmas gift

December, 2011

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  1. Angie, this is so beautiful and so touching. I weep as I read your incredible words.