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Thursday, November 10, 2011

an innocent child's walk of shame

An Innocent Child's Walk of Shame

by Angela C. Orlando

This story begins with a prankster, a mischievous boy with no
sense of judgement.
With a turn of a valve, he sets in motion the unpleasant events
to come.

A cold hearted principal becomes infuriated.
Her need to catch the perpetrator turns into an all-out
Children beware! She is on the prowl with a plot in mind.

The innocent child enters the bathroom, unaware that he is
stepping into a trap.
He completes his business and moves to the sink.
Only one thought runs threw his head, as he will later protest
"I just wanted to wash my hands after I peed."

The blameless child turns on the water, but not a single drop
trickles out of the faucet.
The naughty prankster has struck again.
This is no problem for the innocent boy.
He knows how to restore the situation.
He is not aware of the danger he's in, as he reaches below the
sink and twists the valve to turn the water back on.

With a sense of utter confusion, the boy discovers his hands
have turned blue.
Too late, he remembers the principal's threat of a plan to find
the troublemaker.
Frantically, the boy tries to wash the blue off his hands.
His efforts are in vain.
The bright blue dye stands out like a neon sign against his
pale skin.

The child is afraid.
He knows two things - he is innocent, and he will be punished.
Will he be suspended?
Will he be kicked off Safety Patrol?
How could this happen to an honest boy?

There is nothing to be done.
He must return to his classroom and face his doom.
With shaking blue hands, the boy opens the bathroom door.
Ever so slowly, he begins his walk of shame.
Fear causes him to dawdle.
His face is red with emotion.
His eyes sting with tear --
He will not allow himself to cry.
He holds his head up high.
He knows he is innocent, and that gives him strength.
At last, the boy arrives at his classroom.
The time has come.
As he enters the room, he makes no attempt to hide his blue
The teacher imitatively pounces.
Within moments, he finds himself in the principal's office.
Terror fills his heart as he faces his worst enemy.
In a timid voice, he quietly proclaims, "I didn't do it."

November 2011

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