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Sunday, January 29, 2012

an apology

An Open Apology
To the Students of Satterfield Hall

by Angela C. Orlando

You sit on a bench
on the first floor
waiting for class to start

It's early
You read the paper
no clue of the danger you're in

You hear it first
Thunk, thunk, thunk
And confusedly peer down the hall

You finally see me
Your eyes widen in shock
All you can do is stare
You watch
As I approach
nearer and nearer

I lurch forward
with a forearm crutch
Waving a long white cane

You recognize me
As blind and crippled
And gawk as I stagger about

You're out of time
To make an escape
Doom is upon you now

I swing my cane

Against soft flesh
Making you wince in pain

I apologize
to you
nameless student
I didn't mean to hurt you
I didn't know you were there

Until my cane attacked you

And to you
Impatient student
Who slowly follows behind me

You're late for class
You need to rush
This pace won't work for you

You see a chance
To break ahead
And speed away from me

I swing my cane
Hitting your leg
And you topple to the ground

I apologize
To you
Hurried student

I didn't mean to trip you
I didn't know you were there
Until my cane attacked you

To all of you
Who've felt the wrath
Of my long white cane

I apologize
I'm truly sorry
But what else could I do?

I'm a student
Just like you
I need to get around

So if I hit you
Or make you fall
Please try to understand

Pull up your legs
Don't try to pass
The choice is up to you
In the end
No matter what
I apologize to you

January, 2012

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