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Monday, February 6, 2012

why does it have to be so hard?

Why does it have to be so hard? All I want to do is attend one
class - two sessions per week. I love being in school and
learning how to improve my writing skills.. It should be
simple, but it's not.

For the second time during this first month of the semester,
PARTA took me to the wrong doors. I figured it out pretty quick
and even knew where I was. But because of the renovations, I
couldn't manage to get where I needed to be. I kept running into
an obstacle that shouldn't have been there.

After doing three circles, I finally realized I needed help. I
called out, "Can anyone please help me?"

The funny thing is that I was right outside the office of
Modern and Classical Languages. That includes ASL. Three
signers ran out to assist me. It's great having a helper who can
actually speak my language.

I made it upstairs by myself and had a wonderful class. I went
back to the first floor and walked down the hall. I was almost
at my destination when things got screwy again.

Because of the changes, I can no longer recognized when I'm at
the end of the last bench, closest to the doors. So, what I do
is to walk all the way to the doors, step to the side then
backtrack to the bench. It's not far, and by doing this, I can
confirm that I'm sitting in the right location.

Today, I was just moving away from the door when someone grabbed
me. I said I was going to sit on the bench, but the person kept
pulling me out the doors. He left me standing outside.

Rolling my eyes in utter annoyance, I went back inside. I was
once again moving toward the bench, when someone lightly touched
my arm. I didn't need the help, but I decided to just go with
it. I told the girl I was looking for the bench. She gently
guided me there, and I sat down.

That should have been the end of it, but PARTA wasn't done with
me. It takes less than ten minutes to drive from KSu to my
house. They decided to take the long way home. I got on the
bus at 2:15. I finally got home at 3:20.

I just want to go to class and be as independent as possible.
It's ridiculous what I'm forced to deal with. I swear the next
time someone grabs or pulls me, I am going to SCREAM!

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