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Sunday, January 22, 2012

a piece of your heart

A Piece of Your Heart

by Angela C. Orlando

What am I to do
As you stand before me
My dearest friend
And say that you are leaving?

You, who showed me the world
Who took me on adventures
Who opened my eyes
To a different sort of life.

You, who made me feel almost normal
Who shared in my dreams
And celebrated my triumphs

Who was always there
When I was in need.

Now you are leaving
My heart is aching
Like a giant chunk
Has been ripped away.

I want to cry
And say please don't leave
But I know your situation
And I know you must go.

You tell me this isn't the end
We will still be friends
We will see each other again
I want to believe you.

You give me a necklace
In the shape of two hearts
Made of heavy metal
That feels warm against my chest.

With a sense of endearment
I know it's true
You have given me
A piece of your heart.

Goodbye, Amy Marshall
I will always hold you close
In my heart and memories
With never a doubt
That I am a better person
For having known you, my friend.

January, 2012

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