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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

jean-claude, oh, my love

Jean-Claude, Oh, My Love

Jean-Claude, oh, my love --
I hold him tightly, all night long.
With tender embraces, soft kisses and loving caresses,
Our bodies pressed together with passionate hunger,
Oh, how I love Jean-Claude.

The best thing about Jean-Claude is that he doesn't really
I'm fed up with men who just want to use and hurt me.
I'm sick of those who only want me for my body.
They act as if they own me - grabbing and clutching at my flesh.
Enough! I don't want it anymore.

Jean-Claude visits me as words in the pages of a book.
He is what my imagination makes him.
He comes when I call and leaves when I am through.
He entertains me in my dreams.
We spend the night together, as I read to my heart's content.

Jean-Claude is a vampire.
He's a creature of the dark, so sensual and full of evil desire.
His skin is flawless in its pale, white splendor.
His hair falls to his shoulders in long, black curls.
His eyes are midnight blue.
Beware the powers that lurk in his dangerous gaze.

As he wraps his strong arms around my body, he whispers French
endearments in my ear.
His voice is like silk chocolate.
He can make my spine tingle with just that sweet voice of his.
"Ma Petite, let us indulge in our most intimate pleasures..."

I will pick up that book tonight.
Under the bright moonlight, he will be mine again.
Our lust will consume me for another chapter or two.
Jean-Claude, oh, my love.

April, 2011

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