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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Parta complaint


I rely on PARTA to take me to Satterfield Hall twice a week so
I can attend one class. I am deaf-blind and physically impaired.
I am also a single mother. Lately, the service I've been getting
from PARTA is less than ideal.

On January 9th, the driver took me to the wrong doorway. I was
unable to find my way around. This led to two students grabbing
my arms and pulling me around. I would not have been put in
that situation if the driver took me where I'm supposed to

On February 6th, the driver again took me to the wrong door. I
walked around in circles until I finally had to call out for
someone to help me.

Also on February 6th, I was picked up from Kent State at 2:15.
I live less than 10 minutes away from campus. I was on the bus
for over an hour. I finally got home at 3:20. I barely made it
home before my 10 year-old-son.

On February 8th, my pick-up time was 2:15 to 2:45. PARTA did not
arrive until 3:20. I was frantic to find someone to meet my son
at home.

On February 15, the same situation happened. Once again, PARTA
picked me up at 3:20

I want to express the importance of drivers taking me to the
correct door - Satterfield hall, East Entrance. I have been
trained to find my way around and locate my classroom. To
succeed at this, I must begin at the correct starting place. If
a driver drops me off at a different doorway, I will not be able
to get around. This creates an unsafe and frustrating situation.

Please look into these incidents. Your website says that PARTA
does not discriminate based on disability. That doesn't seem to
be true in my case.


Angela C. Orlando

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  1. Shit. I hope they get it together yesterday.