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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

guess that's what we do - me too

This poem was written just for me. The author is my Ohio
Deaf-Blind Outreach specialist.

Guess That's what We Do - Me Too

by Judy knisely

It's my first day

KSU - who knew

I would make it this far

My dreams are big

I want to succeed

Be all that I can be

Show up early

Everyone sits in the hall

Guess that's what we do

Me too

Time is getting close

Almost time for my first class

I'm so nervous

Where will I sit, how should I act

I hear a tap tap tap and look around

Then I spot her all the way down

By the bench she uses two canes

I don't understand

I have never seen such a thing

One for support and the other for seeing?

Here she comes down the hall

What do I do

I'm afraid she might fall

All of the students

They just stay where they are

Guess that's what we do

Me too

Now that I know and understand

I am ashamed of who I am

One of the students that didn't move

What can I do to make it up to you?

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