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Friday, February 24, 2012

what is it?

This is the poem I recited for my midterm exam. I like this one
because it expresses a darker view of how it feels to be
deaf-blind and physically impaired. I am unable to see how
people react to me. But the author of this poem has enough
vision to see the looks of horror, shock and dismay from people
passing by. He's even seen a mother grab her children and pull
them away to safety. How would that make you feel?

CopyRight 2010 by Scott M. Stoffel

What Is It?
By Scott Stoffel
What is it? What is it?
That thing with three legs,
lurching and tottering along?
What grave spat it up,
as if Death rejected it, too?

The living watch it suspiciously,
never letting the children out of their sight.
Greetings mumbled or shouted
glean no reply
from the approaching abomination.

Its eyes see little
but dart like the eyes of evil,
full of malice and ,mischief, no doubt.

Guard yourself,
draw back,
lest you be poisoned!

A  bold soul might step forward,
dare he even touch the thing!
Egad! That gained its notice!

A single eye ablaze swings about
to bear like a Howitzer upon him.
Stay 'way from it! Stay 'way!

Perhaps his greeting was kind enough,
but the thing's face speaks of war,
the one eye bidding him withdraw
to the ranks of the glorious living,
while the other uselessly withers the daffodils to his right.

No word comes from it,
the usual explanation having been exhausted long ago.

Neither can cross the line
between the living and the dead.
In silent fury, it staggers on,
hideous in gait,
but large enough to evoke caution.

What is it? What is it?
What a horrid thing,
belched from the guts of Hell.

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