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Thursday, March 15, 2012

a new alarm clock

There is a new alarm clock on the market for people who are
deaf-blind. It's called "Helen." Right now the price is high -
$1,300. However, the technology sounds promising. H is more

Helen is an alarm clock, created for the deaf-blind user without
compromising the small size and ease of operation that the
Milestone players are known for. The credit
card sized Helen makes sure the deaf-blind user gets up on time
in the morning. For the heavy sleepers, an external pillow shaker
is included that connects to Helen. During the day, users can
always check the time and with the integrated timer one can set
reminders - for instance in the kitchen or for public

Helen does not use fragile watch hands, but offers the user very
tactile and big buttons. Simple but efficient vibration signals
announce the time and the last adjustment that was made, allowing
the deaf-blind user to set the time and create alarms

In addition to the vibration signals, a voice announcement can be
activated, for the benefit of an instructor during training

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