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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

News from neodba

Northeast Ohio Deaf-Blind Association

News From NEODBA

Issue 001
March 27th, 2012

In this issue:
1. History and Mission
2. Snow Tubing Polar Blast
3. Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities Training
4. Upcoming Event: Lakeland Community College Deaf Awareness Days
5. SSP Coordinator Needed
6. Contact us


History and Mission

Northeast Ohio Deaf-Blind Association was established in 2010 by
co-founders Angela Orlando and Judy Groner We are a non-profit
organization located in Northeast Ohio. Our goal is to bring
together people who are deaf-blind with volunteer Support Service
Providers for recreation and leisure activities. Our main focus
is to provide social opportunities for people who are deaf-blind
in a safe and supported environment.
NEODBA seeks to locate individuals who are deaf-blind who live in
the Northeast Ohio region. We encourage networking to help
identify new members to join our organization.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of people who are deaf-blind
by offering access to social activities and events in a safe and
supported environment. In doing so, people who are deaf-blind
become active members in the community in which they live. At the
same time, we bring awareness of the needs and capabilities of
our members to the general public.

In October 2010 and November 2011, we presented a day-long
Support Service Provider Training workshop. Students from Kent
State University, Tri-C and Lakeland Community college attended,
as well as interpreters seeking CEU credits and interested people
from the community. These workshops are highly successful, and
we will continue to offer at least one per year.

In October 2011, we hosted Deaf-Blind Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A
of chapel Hill. This was an excellent night of fun, awareness
and fund-raising. We plan to participate in various fund-raising
opportunities in the future.


Snow Tubing Polar Blast

On February 26th, 2012, our dream finally came true. This was
the organization's debut social event: Snow Tubing Polar Blast at
Brandywine Ski Resort. Five deaf-blind individuals and about a
dozen volunteers came for three hours of fun in the snow. We
feel this was a good turnout for our first social. Everyone
enjoyed snow tubing. The hills were fast and bumpy... and so
much fun! The environment was filled with laughter, smiles and
screams of excitement. We will definitely return to Brandywine
for more snow tubing next winter.


Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities Training

On the morning of March 19th, 2012, Angela Orlando and Nick
Abrahamson presented a special Introduction To Working With
People Who Are Deaf-Blind Training Workshop to employees at the
Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities. More people
who are deaf-blind are now seeking service through the county
board of DD. It is not required for individuals to have
cognitive disabilities to be eligible. Most areas do not offer
SSP services or any other kind of specialized programs for people
who are deaf-blind. However, everything we need is already being
provided by each county board of DD.

The problem is that most of the agencies have not worked with
many deaf-blind people. They do not understand our needs and
preferences. At this workshop, we had the opportunity to teach
staff members about deaf-blindness, SSP's, cultural aspects,
communication methods and tips for approach and guiding.
Volunteers Kara Bull and Judy Knisely taught a section on
important signs to know. They also served as leaders for two
deaf-blind simulations.

The evaluations we received from the students were outstanding.
They particularly liked the simulations and learning sign
language. We are being asked to return for their net in-service

NEODBA would like to think the other volunteers who made this
workshop a success: Ashlinacrae Kyle, Felicia Naoum, Maryann
Merendino and Ann Popplestone.


Upcoming Event: Lakeland Community College Deaf Awareness Days

We are proud to announce that NEODBA has been invited to host a
booth at Lakeland Community College Deaf Awareness Days on April
11th and 12th. The purpose of the event is to promote deaf
education, culture and history. The entire event will run from
10:00 am to 7:00 pm. We will have our booth opened from 2:00 pm
to 7:00 pm on both days.

We are looking for volunteers! We would like to have at least
one deaf-blind individual present at all times. We will also
need volunteer SSP's and interpreters. Duties will include
helping set-up and close-down, encouraging people to visit our
booth, assist with passing out papers and serving as a
communication facilitator. In addition, we need extra SSP's to
take each deaf-blind member around to visit all booths.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact Angela
at If you are unable to work at our
booth, we hope you will stop by and show your support for


SSP Coordinator Needed

We are still looking for a volunteer SSP Coordinator to replace
wonderful Amy Marshall, who moved out of state in late January.
This position is not overly time consuming. Your involvement
depends on how involved you would like to be. We are flexible
about that.

The main jobs of the SSP Coordinator is to handle our paperwork,
make the first call to a business about a social event, if
needed. Help plan for workshops, fund-raisers and events.
What we really need is for the SSP Coordinator to take charge at
social events, collect paperwork and money, pair-up SSP's with
deaf-blind members and oversee any problems or concerns by SSP's
or deaf-blind members.

If you are interested in becoming our SSP Coordinator, please
send an email to


Contact Us

Twitter: search for neodba1

Please feel free to pass this newsletter along to help spread
the word about NEODBA

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