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Saturday, April 7, 2012

dot bug is not a dead bug

I'm aware that the pages of this blog have been rather empty
lately. But I assure you, Dot Bug is not a dead bug. Dot Bug is
a very busy bug.

Much of this has to do with my deaf-blind organization (Northeast
Ohio Deaf-Blind Association.) I'm learning that it takes so much
work to be a leader. I have no leadership training. I'm doing
the best I can. It must be good enough because activity is

In February, we had our first social event - snow tubing. In
March, we taught a workshop at a county board of developmental
disabilities. Next week we will have a booth at Lakeland
Community College Deaf Awareness Days. On April 21st, Lakeland
Signers is hosting a Dingo and all proceeds will go to NEODBA.

I'm also busy with school and writing projects. My final poetry
chapbook is due on April 16th. I'm reading many poems to collect
my favorites for a class anthology. I also have a final paper
and a poetry recitation to do before the semester ends.

What is it about April 30th and deadlines? That's the deadline
to send funny stories to a friend who is working on a book. It's
also the deadline to submit creative writing for a Deaf
anthology. And then it's the deadline for a braille writing
contest. I'm working on all three. I might end up going crazy
before May arrives.

So, yes, I know I haven't been posting much lately. Don't worry,
I'm doing fine. I just have too much to work on right now.

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