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Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Hunger Games

Character Sketch

Title: The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games Trilogy book 1)
Author: Suzanne Collins

Katniss Everdeen

You are just another teenager starving in District 12. But no one
would ever call you helpless. When your father died, you learned
to break rules, hunt and feed your family. You've become a master
of the bow and arrow. That is your savior, Katniss.

What horror you must have felt at the Reaping when your sister's
name was called. Prim is the only person in the world you think
you love. So you stepp forward to take her place in the Hunger
Games. You know this means your death in the arena, while the
Capitol celebrates and bets on how long you will last. What
happens net is up to you. But always remember, you are Katniss,
the girl who was on fire.

Peta Mallark

You are the doomed boy chose to represent District 12 in the
Hunger Games. You seem resigned to your fate, yet something else
is going on. In a sick way, this is your dream come true. Peta,
the baker's son, what do you possess that will keep you alive?
You have only one chance, and that is love.

Haymitch Abernathy

In 73 years, District 12 has produced only two Victors. You are
the one still living. But, Haymitch, you are a disgusting drunk!
The entire nation knows you as the embarrassment of District 12.

What is your problem, Haymitch? What are you trying to escape? Is
it the memories of what happened in the arena? Are you haunted by
the ghosts of the children you killed? Or is it the faces of all
the Tributes you couldn't save as a mentor?

Pull yourself together, Haymitch! These kids need you. You are
their only hope for survival.


Rue, sweet Rue... You are the unlucky 12-year-old chosen as
Tribute for District 11. You are a flower, so much like a
Primrose. But no one sacrifices themselves for you.

You are the little bird who flies from tree to tree. You sing to
the MockingJays, and they sing back. You know you have no chance
of winning. But before anyone can kill you, first they have to
catch you.


Panem, you are a despicable nation. The Capitol rules while the
Districts suffer. That's the way President Snow wants it to stay.
Just so the lowly people in the Districts remember their place in
life, the Hunger Games will always serve as a reminder.

Nearly 75 years ago, the Districts rebelled. You won that war, of
course. They never stood a chance. You destroyed District 13 with
your horrible weapons. The remaining Districts face daily hunger
and harsh punishments. People are starving to death, while the
Capitol parties and throws away bucket loads of food.

That's not enough for you, Panem. You created the Hunger Games.
Every year, 24 children are thrown into an arena, to fight to the
death for your entertainment. 24 children... And there can only
be one Victor.

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  1. Excellent character sketch. Creative, passionate and insightful. And I love the title (that's what lured me in :).