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Sunday, April 8, 2012

witch and wizard

Character Sketch

Title Witch and Wizard
Author: James Patterson

Wisteria Allgood

With your wild orange hair and bright blue eyes, you never blend
in with a crowd. That's just the way you like it, Wisty. At
15-years-old, you love to test limits. You dress all in black,
speak your mind and collect detention hours with a sense of
pride. Does that make you a witch? How horrible it must have
been when the New Order broke into your home to kidnap you and
your brother. All your mother offers was a ratty old drum stick.
You find yourself judged as a witch and sentenced to be executed
on your 18th birthday. I'm not a witch!, you proclaim over and
over again. But then you burst into flames, glow like a
spotlight and float over your bed when you sleep. Don't forget
the bad boy you accidently turned into a weasel. Who are you,
Wisty, and what is really going on?

Whitford Allgood

You are the most desirable Senior in your class, and you don't
even know it, Whit. You are handsome, muscular and an
outstanding athlete. But you aren't afraid to cry. The love of
your life disappeared. You and your sister are kidnapped. They
call you a wizard, the most dangerous threat to the New Order.
You'll be executed when you turn 18, which will happen in less
than a month. Still, all you can think about is saving Wisty,
Celia and your parents. You are a true Mr. Sensitivity. But how
did you stick your head through a solid wall and come
face-to-face with your beloved girlfriend?


You say it like it's no big deal. I'm dead, whit. I'm a ghost.
Well, actually you are a half-light who lives in the Shadowland.
You seem to know so much, but there's not enough time to explain.
If you don't get back to Shadowland, you will cease to exist
forever. Oh, Celia, if only you could embrace your love for just
a moment. Hugging doesn't come easy when you are a ghost. You
have the power to help. That's what is needed most right now.

The Weasel

They say what goes around comes around. It was true for you,
Byron Swain. You are a suck-up, traitor, know-it-all
Visitor-In-Training? You turned your own sister into the New
Order and didn't shed a tear when she was killed. You take such
pleasure in tell the Allgood kid's that they will be executed
imitatively. All Wisty did was turn you into your true form.
Enjoy your new life as a weasel. You deserve it.

The One Who Is The One

You are the leader of the New Order and the one who started this
nightmare. Do you lose sleep over the thousands of kids you've
killed? Probably not. You are like a bad energy power plant.
You say witches and wizards are dangerous, yet you are obviously
an evil wizard, yourself. Look at Mr. Bad Scary Due with his
bald head and long, black robes. Watch him turn into a tornado
and vaporized a hundred children. But what's up with the stupid
name? And why are you so interested in the allgoods?

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