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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Character Sketch

Title: Frostbite (Vampire Academy book #2)
Author: Richelle Mead

What are Strigoi?

Strigoi are a race of evil vampires on Earth -- The literal
walking dead. They are fast, strong and kill without mercy or
hesitation. They cannot survive in sunlight. The only ways to
kill Strigoi include a stake through the heart, decapitation and

What are moroi?

Moroi are a race of good vampires. They are alive and possess the
ability to wield magic in one of the four elements: air, fire,
water and earth. One of the most sacred rules in their society is
that magic should only be used peacefully.. Moroi are sensitive
to sunlight, but it won't kill them. They have super-human senses
but tend to be physically weak. They drink blood only from
willing human donors, who they treat with great respect.

What are dhamphirs?

Dhamphirs are created when Moroi have children with humans. This
does not happen often. Dhamphirs are stronger and sturdier than
humans and can go out in the sun as much as they want. They have
improved senses and fast reflexes. This makes them excellent
bodyguards. Dhamphirs train to become guardians. It is their job
to protect Moroi and keep them safe from Strigoi.

Rose Hathaway

You are a dhamphir, dedicated to becoming your best friend's
guardian. You have been close to Lissa since the day you both
started school at St. Vladimir's Academy, yet now you share a
magical bond, ever since the day she brought you back from the
dead. At seventeen, you are stubborn, headstrong, impulsive and
outspoken. You think every rule is meant to be broken. If you are
ever to succeed as a guardian, Rose, you must learn to control
yourself. But trouble always has a way of finding you.

Vasilisa Dragomir

Since the car accident that killed your parents, brother and
Rose, you are the last of the royal Dragomir family. How
disappointing it was for you, Lissa, when you never specialized
in an area of magic. But there is something special about you.
How did you heal that dying raven, or bring your best friend back
from the dead? You have spirit magic, and this makes you a threat
to yourself. Can Rose pull herself together long enough to
protect you from those who want to use your rare power?

Dimitri Belikov

You are Guardian Belikov, Princess Dragomir's official Guardian.
It took you two years of searching to find Rose and Lissa after
they ran away from school. Now it's your duty to teach Rose how
to become a successful and controlled guardian. This is not an
easy task. In the midst of it all, you find yourself falling in
love. You're her instructor, Dimitri. You know it's wrong. But
the feelings are mutual, and Rose won't let you pull away without
a fight.

Christian Ozera

You are a Moroi misfit at St. Vladimir's Academy. You live under
the harsh stigma of being the son of two Moroi who chose to
become Strigoi. They met their doom at the hands of guardians
when they came back for you. You can't escape their reputation.
Other students are afraid you'll go Strigoi at any moment. You
don't help matters with your antisocial and rebellious behavior.
Now that Strigoi are teaming up to slaughter Moroi and their
guardians, you are ready to break the Moroi greatest code of
ethics. You are learning to use your fire magic to fight.

Janine Hathaway

Why did you have a baby that you had no intention of caring for?
Being a guardian is your life. The many molninja tatoos on your
neck show just how good you are - one for every Strigoi you
killed. You abandoned Rose at St. Vladimir's and never looked
back. Now you are reunited after five years. We know you are a
bad-ass killing machine. But did you really need to punch your
daughter in the eye?

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