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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving on

Blurb: Life gives me lickings, I keep on ticking. No matter what,
I move on.

Here I am... A woman with an awful combination of severe
disabilities, a victim and survivor of abuse, a single mother,
student, leader, writer and volunteer. I probably should have
found a hole to crawl into long ago. It doesn't seem to matter
what i've achieved. I always want more.
We could have a debate about whether I'm inspirational, stupid or
stubborn. I'd vote for the latter. I don't let my disabilities
limit what I can do. Oh, sure, I can't drive a car or run a
marathon. But I can still find transportation, and I never wanted
to run, anyway. There are still many things I can do. I might
have to alter HOW I do something, but I still CAN do it.

I'm especially stubborn when someone tells me I can't. It becomes
a challenge. I must prove that I can do it. I don't care what
other people think, I need to prove it to myself.
I shouldn't be able to travel by myself, but I do. I shouldn't be
able to succeed in school, but I am. I shouldn't have won custody
of my son, but I did.

I feel great when I reach a goal. That doesn't keep me satisfied
for long. There's so much more I can be. I keep striving to reach
the top. The top keeps getting higher. That's how life should

What's all this about moving on? A six year dream has finally
come true. I moved on... literally. I love my parents and living
with them was comfortable and easy. Yet, I'm a 38 Year old
mother. I want the same as all divorced mothers and single women
-- independence.

I've bee told I can't live on my own. I'll fail. It won't work. I
need too much help. Stop being difficult. Give up on those silly


Here I am... Writing a blog in my new little house. It's time to
put Joseph to bed. I'll get up at 6:00 Am to make him scrambled
eggs with cheese. Then I'll wash the dishes and start a load of
laundry. I'll go to my massage therapy, help Joseph with his
homework and cook dinner.. I'll do it because that's what people

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