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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

on your birthday, 2005

Blurb: A letter to my son on his 4th birthday

May 22, 2005

Happy Birthday, Joseph!

You are four years old today and turning into such a big boy. I
can't believe how big you are getting. My little baby boy is all
gone now.

You are growing up fast and becoming independent.. You are so
proud of your independence and accomplishments. You want to do
everything yourself. It is hard for you when you need help. But
you are incredibly happy when you do things on your own.

Just this week you figured out how to get your socks on by
yourself. Now you put your socks on each morning and prance
around the bedroom before you get dressed. It is so cute seeing
you strut around in nothing but a pair of socks.

At four years old, you are beginning to like big boy toys. You
enjoy trucks, airplanes trains, and motorcycles. You have seven
Justice League Action figures. You got Spiderman toys for your
birthday today. You love the Star Wars X Wing you got from Aunt

These days your favorite thing is taking care of Little Susie, a
white stuffed dog. You pretend like she is your baby. She goes
everywhere with you. We take her for walks outside every day. You
insist you are her Mommy, not her Daddy. For your birthday, you
got a diaper bag with baby doll accessories, baby doll stroller,
car seat, swing, and high chair. These were your favorite gifts.

I love how sweet and gentle you are, Joseph. You are my big
helper. I don't know how I would do half the things I do without
your help. And you love to help me. You are always so willing to
do things for me, help me find items that I dropped, help me
clean, do laundry, or empty the dish washer. You even help me
make microwave meals when Daddy is working nights.

I have never met a child quite like you, Joseph. I love being
your Mommy. I look forward to seeing you grow up. You surprise me
every day. And you make me smile and laugh. But most of all, you
just make me feel good about being alive. I love you, Joseph.

Your Mommy

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