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Thursday, December 19, 2013

into the wild

Character Sketch

Title: Into the Wild (Warriors book #1)
Author: Erin Hunter


Your clan is in trouble, Bluestar, and you don't know what to do.
As the leader of ThunderClan, you watch as your warriors die in
senseless battles. There aren't enough apprentices, and the kits
are too young for training. Is this the end of ThunderClan?

Spottedleaf, your loyal medicine cat, has a message from
StarClan. Fire alone will save the clan. What can it mean? Fire
is feared by all the creatures in the forrest. Bluestar, you
think you've found the answer in the most unusual place. Could
you possibly be right?


You were once named Rusty, a happy kitten living with your
housefolk. But you dreamed of something more... something better.
It was with great courage that you left your easy life and
stepped into the wild.

He will be known as Firepaw, in honor of his flaming orange pelt.
Despite Bluestar's encouragement, ThunderClan is reluctant to
accept you into the clan. Once a Kittypet, always a Kittypet.
Beware, Firepaw, there is evil hidden in this clan, and it is
watching you.


No cat doubts your strength and ambition. You are an excellent
warrior and rise fast in the ranks to become Bluestar's deputy.
Are you the loyal cat she believes you to be? Or are the the
cold-blooded killer your own apprentice accuses you of being? The
answer to this question will determine the fate of ThunderClan.


You were banished from ShadowClan as a brutal kit killer. Now,
injured and starved, you find yourself a prisoner of ThunderClan.
You know better than any cat the truth of BrokenStar's terrible
plans for all the clans in the forrest. Can you be trusted? Or
are you a traitor to ThunderClan like most of the cats believe?

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