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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yellowfang's Secret

Character Sketch

Title: Yellowfang's Secret (Warriors Super Edition)
Author: Erin Hunter


You dreamed of being a ShadowClan Warrior, but StarClan had a
different destiny for you. As a medical cat, you demonstrated
love and compassion for the entire clan. Few knew of the
sacrifice you made to become a medial cat... or of your secret.
As you watch, horrified and helpless, kits die. Deep in your
heart, Yellowfang, you know it was your secret that brought this
evil upon the clan.


As a young cat, you ached over not having a father. The other
cats teased you... Called you a Kittypet. Your anger festered
until you exploded with rage. But as a leader, you upheld the
Warrior Code and always did what was best for ShadowClan. It's
too bad your reign would be so short. Don't act surprised,
Raggedstar, the truth was right in front of you, but you refused
to see it.


If evil had a face, it would be yours, Brokenstar. You were born
with rage and hatred in your heart. All you cared about was
battle and making ShadowClan the most feared clan in the forrest.
You ignored the Warrior Code and caused the death of tiny kits.
Nothing will stop your drive for victory. StarClan, how could you
let this happen?

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