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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

heartache and rejoice

As Spring began to bloom this year, my cat lost her mind. Bast is
an indoor, de-clawed cat. She's not allowed outside. She didn't
listen when I explained this to her. Cats never do.

She first got out when the cleaning lady opened the only window
in the house that doesn't have a screen. Later, she would jump
out back when Joseph took out the trash. She was attracted by the
sun, all the green things to eat and the many strays that hang
out around the apartments.

Each time Bast escaped, she became more determined to get outside
again. She also became more aggressive in fighting to stay out.
Her behavior had me quite worried.

My father took care of Bast while I was on vacation. He is a good
man and did what was needed to meet her physical needs. He's not
fond of cats. Bast doesn't seem to like him, maybe because she
can smell his dogs. I don't think she was a happy cat while I was

June 17th, 2014

Home at last. All I wanted was to get down on the floor and spend
time with Bast. I could just imagine her purr and silly antics.

My dad was guiding me to the house. There is a place where the
side walk is not right. I don't know if it's a gap, crack or
uneven pavement. But my foot often hits this spot and throws me
off balance. That's what happened as we walked to the house.

Dad didn't seem to notice I was in trouble. I was still trying to
recover when he opened the door. I completely lost control and
crashed into the door. This resulted in a lot of commotion and
the door being left open too long.

Bast saw the opportunity and took it. She darted right out the
door. I don't know if she even realized I was back.

I waited as my father tried to catch her. She hissed and fought
like a demon. There was nothing he could do. I was home, but Bast
was somewhere outside for the night.

I went outside twice and sat on the pavement by the door. I
called to her. I was hoping she would come to me. She did not.

It started to rain and then storm. Even I could hear the thunder.
I was terrified that my baby was out there. I didn't know what
she would do or where she would go.

I wasn't able to sleep. I kept thinking about Bast.. What if she
got lost? What if she was attacked by other cats? What if she ran
across the parking lot and got hit by a car. I was convinced
something awful was going to happen.

I called for her again at dawn. She still didn't come. I was
exhausted and finally went to bed.

My dad said he'd come over the next day and look for her. I was
sound asleep when he did. Apparently, Bast was in the bushes by
the back door and ready to come inside.

I woke up to a timid tap on my arm. At first I thought I had
dreamed it. But there she was! I called out her name in joy. She
melted in my arms like a tiny kitten. I was petting her all over.
I thought her purr-machine might break.

I don't know what happened when she was outside. She must have
found good shelter from the storm. She wasn't even dirty.

As the day progressed, we continued to have frequent joyous
reunions. She stuck to me like velcro. I started calling her Wild
Thing. I wanted to sing the song but couldn't remember the
lyrics. I was just so happy, happy, happy to be with me beloved
cat again.

Wednesday, July, 16th, 2014

I've been home for a month now. Bast is doing great. I'm pleased
to report that her night out seemed to have an effect on her.
She's not as interested in escaping. She's stepped outside a few
times but didn't put up a fight when Joseph brought her back in.
Another change is that she's now afraid of storms.

I've begun to think that the Egyptian Goddess of Cats might be
lonely. My gut says it's time to get another kitten.. We'll wait
until the end of August, when all travelling is complete.

I don't have the kitten yet. But she already has a named. Keeping
with the Egyptian theme, I've decided to name her after the
Goddess of the Sky -- Nut.

Yes, that really is the name. And would I actually call my cat
Nut? Absolutely. I already have the collar and name tag.

Two cats, a teen, me and a small apartment... It's gonna be one
heck of an adventure.

Angela C. Orlando
"Heartache and Rejoice"
July, 2014

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